Sedation FAQs

At Fluegge Family Dentistry, our goal is to take the fear and anxiety out of dentistry while providing you with the highest quality of care in our state-of-the-art facility. Your comfort is our number one concern.We are proud to offer only the most painless techniques possible.

Our office provides several types of sedation for dental treatment.

For those with minimal anxiety, there is nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas). Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled through a scented nose piece of your choice. It gives a unique feeling of relaxation that helps most patients to become quite comfortable during dental treatment. Nitrous oxide is an inexpensive and safe option for nearly everyone. 

A non-narcotic alternative with excellent results is NuCalm. Many patients have said that NuCalm worked for them as well as oral sedation and they were able to drive themselves home afterwards.

For patients with more anxiety, we offer oral sedation. A process by which oral medication (a small pill) is taken prior to the dental appointment to help the patient relax. These medications can be used in conjunction with nitrous oxide to enable the patient to snooze through the dental appointment. During the treatment, the patient is monitored with the best state-of-the-art equipment to make for a relaxing and, most importantly, safe treatment session. When the treatment is complete, the patient is awakened feeling well rested with little to no memory of the treatment. This type of sedation works well for patients with bad gag reflexes, those who may be highly fearful, or patients needing extensive treatment. 

A more predictable form of sedation for fearful patients is IV Sedation. Utilizing IV medications and the latest in monitoring equipment. We are able to safely deliver a very comfortable level of sedation. Dr. Fluegge has earned the advanced license of IV sedation.

We offer free consultations for those patients interested in learning if sedation dentistry is right for them. 

Comments by our patients concerning sedation dentistry.

"That was the best dental appointment I have ever had! I wish I had met a dentist like you 20 years ago!" 

"I think sedation is awesome! I had my wisdom teeth out and 11 fillings. I don't remember a thing and I love that! I had no soreness after my treatment - NONE!! Thank you!" 

"I'm not afraid of the dentist anymore! Dr. Fluegge is wonderful and has changed my life!" 

"Now that I have the toughest part of my treatment done I am not afraid to have the rest done without sedation. Thank you for getting me over the hump."